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Spirit of Entrepreneurship helps individuals innovate, inspire and create. It is the genesis of an enterprise. Over several conversations and focus groups we found an operating definition on how the “Spirit” manifests at work – it is about building a sense of purpose, being agile, getting things done, ability to take risk, being resourceful, and above all doing things with passion. Behaviours that were abundantly exhibited by successful entrepreneurs. As HR professionals how do we build such behaviours at work, that can keep organisations of all sizes alive and relevant in these disruptive times.

This year’s National HRD Network’s conference celebrates this spirit of enterprise. Further, we explore the theme across three different contexts – young companies that are Gaining Momentum - those beyond a startup stage with a unique culture and spirit, secondly, organisations that do well year after year and stay relevant over time due to their ability to reinvent constantly – we call them as Sustaining Momentum, and finally those who are Reimaging Momentum - organisations that are learning to dance in the midst of all the disruptions around them. We further explore HR’s role in creating and sustaining this spirit.

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The main conference on the 8th and 9th of December 2016 is therefore designed as three distinct segments and we hope it will address the curiosity of young companies that want to build the DNA of large organisations and the large ones to learn from nimble young firms.

For any queries on the design / speakers, please reach out to Siddharth S.N.


Royal Senate (Gate 6) Palace Grounds, Bangalore

1,50,000 sq.ft. of greenery located in the center of Bangalore


  • 1Main Conference Hall
  • 2Showcase Hall 1
  • 3Showcase Hall 2
  • 4Concurrent Session 1
  • 5Concurrent Session 2
  • 6Sponsership Positions
  • 7Registration Desk
  • 8Car Parking
  • 9F&B Area
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